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Everybody protect Gmail account to hack.

Assalamu Alaikum. Welcome to Social Earn News How are you? I hope you fine and your family. Today topic: How to protect Gmail account to hack? Tip: Everybody protect your gmail id to hack. Question: How it possible ? Ans: It is possible to simple way. You follow step to step. You must search   or click. You see below screenshort. Then you can click square box near profile.    After  Show below screenshort.  You must be click to  account option.   To Account  click, Show under image.   You read "Review your privacy settings" And  You click Get Started.   Get Started click.then Security checkup      No issues found. This account is save.    Play protect term on.   You can check your device. "Recent security events" check up . You must Wrong device don't recognize an event and remove it first.   * Two step verification. You must be 2-Step verification is on